How to Choose Your Dive Center

lectureA lot of people become divers because of their innate curiosity and a passion for adventure. However, diving is inherently dangerous and the wrong partner can land you in a world of trouble. You need to find a good dive shop that will mesh well with you and your diving style. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember when choosing a dive center.


Unfortunately, there are way too many dive shops that are just really bad at what they do. Some are too crowded, while others have actual consumer complaints lodged against them. Make sure that you do your research first before you decide to go with one. Check out the reviews on trustworthy review forums or on travel sites that allow travelers to write their feedback. Check out their social media sites. If there are local dive clubs in the area, try to find how they have rated the dive center you are interested in.

Equipment and Qualifications of Diving Instructors

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Check the qualification of their staff members – all of them should be highly trained and PADI license to instruct novice divers. Most of them should have certain areas of specialization. Check out the condition of their boats and equipment as well. Do they have the brand and size of equipment you prefer if you’re renting? What would you consider as acceptable facilities and amenities, and are these present at the dive center? Remember that a good dive center should have properly cared for equipment.

Ask the Important Questions

At the end of the day, some dive shops may be extremely good and popular with other divers, but they may just not be the right fit for you. Decide what works better for you – do you want a small, intimate service or do you prefer luxury ones that organizes dives with bigger groups of divers? Diving centers should always have a personal touch, so choose the one that makes you feel welcome, comfortable, and part of a family of like-minded individuals. Their staff, from the salespeople to the instructors should be helpful and respectful.